Everything you need to know about the towbar bike carrier

towbar bike carrier

Everything you need to know about the towbar bike carrier

towbar bike carrier

Without the necessary equipment for this purpose, cycling enthusiasts will have to give up their favorite activity while on vacation or during a long trip. Fortunately for them, subject matter experts have come up with a practical and simple solution by creating the towbar bike carrier. With this accessory, they will now be able to take their bicycle with them everywhere. More information on this device in the following!
A hitch bike rack is equipment that attaches to the hitch ball of a car to transport one or more bikes. It can be a bicycle carrier on a platform or a bicycle carrier on a suspended hitch. The latter is mounted on the car body, ie at the trunk level.

It has the advantage of being light and easy to use. On the other hand, it does not allow the transport of electric bikes, especially since it is not ideal for vehicles with a spare wheel attached to the rear door.

The bike carrier on the platform, on the other hand, attaches to the hitch ball. If it excels in terms of safety and loading capacity, it is clear that it is very expensive and that its weight is more or less consistent.

How many bikes for a hitch bike rack?

One of the advantages of this model is the capacity of a towing bicycle carrier. Indeed, this one is able to transport up to 6 bicycles. It is very important to check the load capacity of the equipment and the number of places available.

However, it is also important to consider the typology of bicycles. Indeed, some bike carriers are designed only for classic bikes. For electric bikes, it is essential to observe the carrying load of the equipment with a magnifying glass. Thus, it is preferable to take a look at the product sheet of the device before any purchase.

Towbar bike carrier, the key points for making the right choice
Because there is a wide range of options, choosing the best bike rack remains a difficult exercise when it comes time to make your purchase. In this regard, use is the first criterion to consider. For occasional use, a bicycle carrier on a suspended hitch is ideal. On the other hand, a bike carrier on a platform is the most suitable for regular use.

It is also ideal for transporting fragile and heavy bicycles. But it will also be necessary to check whether the tow ball is able to support the total weight of the bike carrier and the number of bikes to be transported. For everything else, choosing a renowned brand guarantees quality equipment.

How to mount a towing bike carrier?

Installing a hitch bike rack is child’s play. No need to call a professional, just read the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the user manual. You must first buy and install a hitch ball if the car is not already equipped. Therefore, it only remains to fix the bike carrier on this device by means of the cables and voila.

Hitch bike rack: the rules to follow

Installed on the hitch ball, the hitch bike carrier will certainly hide the license plate and the car lights. In this specific case, it is imperative to use support for number plate.

In addition, it is advisable to add two or three straps to better guarantee the safety of bicycles, especially when stopping on motorways. In addition, it is necessary to regularly monitor the installation during the journey.

What are the advantages of this type of bike carrier?

The towbar carrier attracts more users for many reasons. First of all, this type of bike carrier has the advantage of being stable compared to other products in its class.

Then, this model remains easy and quick to install. Better, provided you follow the installation instructions provided, bicycle safety will be completely guaranteed. If the carrying capacity of other models of bicycle carriers is very limited, it is possible to transport up to six bicycles with a hitch bicycle carrier.

In addition, two-wheelers will be easily accessible for loading and unloading. Finally, it can adapt to all kinds of vehicles.

What about the disadvantages of a hitch bike carrier?

However, the towbar bike carrier has a number of drawbacks. Indeed, this device complicates access to the trunk, this is particularly the case for non-tilting models.

In this case, users are obliged to remove their bikes each time they seek to access the trunk. In addition, the towing bike carriers are very often too heavy, some versions can weigh up to 20 kg.

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