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Motorized skateboards first surfaced in California in the mid-1970s, but they were fueled by gasoline engines, were extremely noisy and released terrible exhaust fumes. However, skateboard’s manufacturers have been improved more and more. Nowadays, skateboards fitted various modern features to help users feel more comfortable and safers on all kinds of roads. Let’s check out what a skater looks for an electric skateboard

Factors of a great electric skateboard

Course distance

If you only have a ten-minute commute to work or school, you should not have a problem with the distance that all models can cover with a single charge. However, if you plan to go for a walk for a whole afternoon, the last thing you want to do is go for a long walk to the house with your skateboard under your arm. And if it’s in your plans then the weight of the electric skateboard is another detail to consider.

Construction and performance

They are very important for an electric skateboard as well as for a car!

There are a number of inexpensive skateboards available. And most of them have poor quality wheels or brakes, lead-acid batteries instead of lithium-based batteries, motors that can not produce enough torque to propel you on a slight incline. being on the sidewalk and, frankly, the construction may be so mediocre that it will fall apart in less than a month.

electric skateboard

It may be more than enough for your needs or anything you can afford, but most good electric skateboards are expensive enough for you to make the best choice for your money.

DO NOT COMPROMISE on the quality of the components of your board! NO

Type of remote control used

Each electric skateboard has different remote control and that plays another very important element. This may seem like a detail – until you’re on the road and realize that having to use your thumb to control your speed is much more difficult than using your index finger.

Some models even allow you to use your smartphone for commands, and most have applications that allow you to program their operation.

Other characteristics

Other features that may be important to you include the two-wheel drive (with one engine powering each rear wheel) that can improve traction and power but make turning harder and faster. A motor-wheel system (instead of the belt drive) will make a smooth ride with less noise. Extras functions like LED lights for night driving and water-resistant/waterproof components for all-weather condition exists. A transport bag usually comes with the skateboard.

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