Medical breakthrough massage chair

Medical breakthrough massage chair

Choose your relax chair according to your morphology

Why, today, should we do without comfort? Long regarded as a product reserved for seniors, the relaxation chair is now a well-being ally for everyone. More and more design, the relax chair now fits in all interiors without losing its primary utility. Know that to choose a relax chair, an element is essential … your morphology!

What is a relax armchair?


A relax chair is an armchair whose position of the backrest and footrest is adapted according to its needs, to find the best position of relaxation. Recognized to offer you a personalized moment of relaxation, there are many variations of easy chairs.

Each of the options contributes to your well-being:

  • Headrest: nonexistent, fixed, removable or disengageable;
  • Footrest: separate or integrated;
  • Structure: fixed, swivel 360 °, on wheels …
  • Mechanism: manual, electrical mains or battery option;
  • Well-being: relaxing, medical.

The origin of the relax armchair

From the first known model to today, the relax chair has evolved enormously. The history of the Relax Chair began in 1928 in the small town of Monroe, Michigan. Two cousins, Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker, began to design a chair whose concept was “nature’s way of relaxing” or “the way to relax nature”. They invented a wooden porch chair, with a reclining mechanism, La-Z-Boy. They founded their company of the same name with the slogan “Live life comfortably”: live a comfortable life.

A relax chair for whom and for what use?

If the relax is suitable today for the whole family, we will not choose the same model for everyone. Perfection exists only in diversity. The perfect Relax is the one that takes into account your phenotype.

To choose the relax that suits you best, it is important to ask the right questions:

  1. What size do you measure?
  2. What is your need for comfort? What use do you want to make?

Relax armchair: depending on its size

The first thing to do to choose your chair is to define the size that suits you. Each template has a seat height and depth that plays a great deal on comfort. You will be much more comfortable if the fold of your knee is positioned at the fold of the chair. If the chair is too big for you, it creates a pressure point in the calf and your shoulder will fall on the chair … So this is an essential point not to overlook when making your choice.

The following measures can serve as benchmarks but must be qualified. The proportions of the human body are variable according to the individual. Some have a wider bust, others longer legs …

  • If you measure less than 1m50, you will choose a model XS, a height of 42cm and a depth of 50cm;
  • If you measure less than 1m60, you will choose a model S, with a height of 44cm and a depth of 52cm;
  • If you measure less than 1m65, you will choose a model M, with a height of 46cm and a depth of 54cm;
  • If you measure less than 1m75, you will choose a model L, with a height of 50cm and a depth of 56cm;
  • If you measure more than 1m75, you will choose a model XL, a height of 52cm and a depth of 58cm.

Different uses

Today the armchair relax is revolutionary in terms of comfort. Manufacturers are always questioning themselves. It seems almost impossible not to find comfort in a relax chair. It exists in armchair, sofa, office chair … It is also necessary to choose his precious chair according to the use we want to make.

As it allows to evacuate tensions, to improve the concentration and even the good mood, the office chair relax is very appreciated in the companies. There is no count of the number of professions with the interest of relaxing between two meetings or appointments. More and more psychologists and psychiatrists choose to equip their practices with relax chairs, for their own comfort and that of their patients. The effect on their work is immediate. Where the bed could be destabilizing, the variable position reassures and tensions are evacuated more quickly.

Medical versions: different comforts according to the pathologies

Some relax chairs are designed to bring relaxation and relieve various pathologies related to stress, back problems, heart, abdominal … and fully meet your essential needs of well-being.

The enveloping file

Today the evil of the century is back pain, 80% of French suffer. For problems with dorsal hernias, vertebral columns or vertebral compression, it is best to choose among the models without demarcation on the back or an enveloping file, but never with a horizontal hyphenated file.

The lift chair

The lift chair is an armchair that facilitates the transition from sitting to standing. It mainly accompanies people with reduced mobility who may have difficulty getting up or sitting down.

The cardio option

The cardio function makes it possible to raise the legs above the pelvis, which causes a venous return. Ideal for people with heart problems, it also works on varicose veins, whatever the pathologies of heavy legs.

Available on many easy chairs, you can even lift the backrest, stay in the cardio position and watch TV or read a book, without hurting your neck. More and more brands are integrating this function into all their models.

The massage option

A Real relax massage chair has 2 to 8 rollers that move along a stem, they go up and down and move to massage the entire back, lumbar to the shoulders. It is possible to choose the intensity of the massage, the areas to be treated from head to toe …

If you are very stressed, it is recommended, for more well-being, to supplement this option by the heating function. By heating the muscle, the impact of massage on muscle relaxation is more important. If this does not replace the physiotherapist, it can help avoid going regularly. It’s a good compromise.

Declinations and other features, to go further in relaxation

The optional headrest and electric armrest

There are options that fit everyone. Depending on the model of Relax, and especially the brand, you can customize your relaxation chair. The headrest may be missing, adjustable or disengageable … Some models even offer headrest memory shape!

Traditionally, the armrests remain fixed when the chair moves in a relaxed position. The latest innovation is the ergonomic armrest. Following the inclination of the backrest, so the movement of the arm, the opening becomes very fluid. Relaxation begins when the chair is opened.

The sofa version

From now on, sofas are also relaxing. In the eye, some look like sofas all that classic, except they have all the options of the easy chair. The advantage for most is that, unlike the relax chair, you will no longer need to maintain a space between the furniture and the wall. The seats move during the opening.

New models of relax are created regularly. Feel free to go to the shop to discover and test the different models …

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