How to use the best treadmill

treadmill with TV

The following instructions on how to use electric treadmill for beginners will help the training process run to the maximum efficiency, avoid the improper training that can interfere with weight loss and exercise. We will show you how to use the treadmill properly.

1.Start / shutdown

treadmill with TV

All electric treadmakers have two basic buttons: the “start” button and the “stop” button. Start buttons are usually large and green, while stop buttons are large and red. To start on the treadmill, you stand directly on the belt (the frame of the machine selects the initial speed at about 2km / h, so that the running ice should run with the tip of the foot, put the tip of the foot down the walking mat) Slowly get used to the conveyor belt, then gradually increase the speed, choose the slope that suits you.

Stand on the belt before and after running.

– Take 5 minutes before and after each workout to walk on the machine at a speed of 1.5 to 2 km / h to allow the body to adapt to changes in muscle and heart rate or breathing during the run.

– You can hold the handle on the front handle to achieve balance when running or put the arm if you want to burn more calories.

– The speed and inclination of electric treadmill, heart rate can be customized according to your fitness level.

2.Some features of electric treadmill

+ Time display window will show time

+ Length display window will show the degree

+ Calorie display window will display calories consumed

+ The speed display window will be used for speed display

+ The heart rate display window will be used for displaying the heart rate

– Should use safety belts to avoid sudden shutdowns that can cause you to fall off the machine.

3. How to run on electric treadmill

How to run on electric treadmill

Exercise 20 to 30 minutes at the start of your workout, during the first 15 minutes of running on an electric treadmill you are most likely to burn the carbohydrates you have taken into your body recently. After 15 minutes, you begin to burn body fat and build endurance.

– Starting 5 minutes before the run helps you achieve balance and avoid injury.

– Speed ​​up for the next minute.

– Increase incline up to 6 and remain at a speed of 1.5 to 1.8 mph, walk for 1 minute.

– There are long strides in 1 minute. Speed ​​up to the last minute.

– Keep a speed between 3 and 4 mph for 20 minutes. You can maintain the same tilt and speed for a week then change.

– Relax for 5 minutes then slowly lower the speed before stopping to run.

Experiment with a faster direction and speed after the first 1-2 weeks of training. You should increase the tilt on level 4 in 1 to 2 minutes and return to a slower pace. You can increase your speed to 0.5 mph within 1 to 2 minutes.

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4. Practice increasing your heart rate and lose weight

– Warm up in 5 minutes

– Run or walk with an electric treadmill quickly in 1 minute. You should try to increase the speed of the machine from 1 to 2 mph during this time.

– Returning to a speed of 3 to 4 mph in the next 4 minutes.

– Make 4 more time periods, with 1 minute of intense jogging or walking and 4 minutes of moderate intensity.

– Reduce the speed at the last 5 minutes of your workout.

– Increase your high intensity interval from 15 to 30 seconds per week of exercise. Practicing time is the best way to increase your stamina, speed and ability to burn fat. Between 1 and 2 minutes should increase your heart rate, then you can return to the average intensity.

5. Note for beginners to use electric treadmill

– For those with bone and joint problems please consult your doctor so that you can perform a walk or walk on the machine based on the lowest impact on the bone without affecting the condition.

– Choose the most comfortable running or walking shoes: try a lot of shoes before buying and try them before using them for training to feel the fit of your feet.

– Wear thick socks when wearing shoes to avoid blistering.

– Choose to buy yourself a treadmill with functions that best suit the needs and purposes you want.

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– Drink water (0.5 to 1.0L) of water for 90 minutes before jogging on an electric treadmill. Because when running more than 20 minutes more sweat leads to dehydration you should bring and put water on the machine.


We hope that through this article you now have some knowledge as well as correct information and know how to use it correctly and how to use the best treadmill.
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