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Ultra-practical in small rooms, the loft bed optimizes space. Twin, full or combined with a desk or sofa space, everything is possible. Here are your options!

The loft bed finds its place in small spaces, children’s and teenagers’ rooms or even studios. Platform, one or two seats, upgradeable, combined with a desk, this bedding unit meets all needs. Whether it’s an aesthetic choice or a real need to save floor space, the loft bed is the perfect solution.

To choose your loft bed, it is important to identify your needs. Indeed, by perching your bed high, you will free up space on the floor. Enough to install a small sitting area, a wardrobe, an office area – ideal for separating functions in a studio – or even another sleeping area.

The loft bed is so democratized that almost all brands offer their models: twin or full loft bed, industrial style, wooden, with clever storage … Everything is possible and at very attractive prices. Particularly interesting for rooms for toddlers, the loft bed is however to be reserved for children from 6 years old. Security requires, high and thick barriers will prevent falls and a solid and secure ladder will be installed.

To assemble it yourself, proceed in order: first mount the frame, then the posts, the floor and finally the access structure. To avoid oscillations, it is better to secure the frame of the bed to the wall using ankles fixed securely and in sufficient number.

Height of a loft bed

The different types of loft bed offer different heights as needed. The models for children and adolescents will be lower than the adult models. Adapted to the size of the little ones, the loft beds are thus more secure. To support them during their growth, manufacturers offer evolutionary beds that will grow with them. This economical alternative makes it possible not to change bedding. The more the child grows, the more the bed rises, thus saving even more space and installing a desk or a reading corner under the bed.

On the adult side, the models can go up to 2 meters in height. Enough to arrange a dressing room, a desk or a sitting area under the bed. This option is ideal in a room with few square meters on the floor, but a high ceiling height.

Twin over twin (Single) loft bed

The loft bed 1 place is suitable for children, adolescents and other occupants of a small studio. In order to maximize space and bring a new functionality to the room, the bed is installed high, freeing up a considerable surface on the floor. Office, bench, extra bed, storage, everyone can take advantage of these won square meters. On the style side, everything is possible, from the Scandinavian atmosphere with blond wood with an exotic atmosphere to the industrial style, more evident thanks to a metallic structure

Full loft bed

If the loft bed is often chosen for practical reasons and lack of space, the new models created by the brands will appeal even to those who do not lack space. Indeed, this piece of furniture is the new field of expression for creators who imagine beds with integrated storage, stairs-drawers, dressing room, sitting area and other good ideas. Create a small cocoon for two, perched two meters from the ground to convince! If space allows, opt for a fairly high model, to enjoy a comfortable place under the bed.

Wooden loft bed

It is the big star of loft beds (and short beds). Wood creates all styles and all atmospheres. Clear pine can be painted easily, bond wood will create a Scandinavian atmosphere in keeping with the hygge lifestyle that has been all the rage in recent seasons when more exotic woods such as teak or wenge will change your decor. Resistant over time and timeless, wood has only qualities.

Loft bed with desk

Even if you want to put your bed up high, you might as well choose a model that combines a loft bed and a desk. Brands are developing more and more beds with an integrated desk. These models have the advantage of being designed and optimized for small spaces. This way, you no longer have to look for a desk that will match the style of the bed or worry about the dimensions of the furniture. These handsets are particularly appreciated by children and adolescents, but young adults and students will also see a real advantage in being able to create a desk area in their bedroom or studio.

Loft bed with sofa

The loft bed with integrated sofa is a large structure with the sleeping at the top and a bench below. This large handset allows, in a room or a studio, to seat its guests

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