How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline

How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline

Bouncing on the trampoline is not only fun for kids, it’s also an effective workout. Because your muscles have to withstand the changing force of gravity when you bounce, they have to work harder. Rebounding is a great way to burn calories during a shorter workout than light cardio exercise, which is walking.

Advantages of the trampoline

Exercising on a trampoline has little impact on the body, while it can burn a lot of calories in a relatively short time. A low-impact exercise greatly saves your joints. Because the trampoline dampens the strength created when you jump, it is recommended for anyone with arthritis or joint injuries. People with balance problems can exercise on a mini trampoline equipped with a balance bar for extra support. In a study published in 2013 in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine , researchers found that this type of exercise increases the effectiveness of oxygen uptake, called VO2 max, which helps your body make oxygen more available to your muscles during exercise.

Burn calories on the trampoline

During a basic 30 minute low intensity trampoline exercise session , a person weighing just over 60 kg can expect to burn 145 calories, a person under 70 kg burns 160 calories and 84 kg person burns 200 calories. These figures are comparable to those of low impact aerobic activities. The amount of calories you will burn after a 30-minute session depends on a few factors, including your current weight and the intensity of the exercise. To burn more calories on a trampoline, increase the intensity by jumping higher, running on the spot or engaging your arms.

Trampoline exercises

Exercising on a trampoline is not just about bouncing. Add variety to your workout program by transposing your jogging session to the trampoline. Jog, run and sprint on the jumping mat. You can also practice integrating different jumps into your workout. For example, burn more calories with group jumps, bouncing as high as you can while pulling your knees to your chest. Add flexions when you land on the mat to burn more fat in your glutes. Use small alters and target your arms: as you jump, punch, bicep curls and arm circles.

Example of a trampoline exercise program

Try this trampoline exercise program 3 to 5 times a week to burn calories and help lose weight. Before starting each session, be sure to warm up your body with 5 minutes of light jumps. This will help prepare your muscles, your heart and your lungs for exercise. Once you have warmed up, spend 10 to 30 minutes jumping on the trampoline. To burn even more calories, schedule intense exercise intervals (jump as high as you can or sprint on the spot) and moderate exercise. When your time is up, take 5 minutes of recovery by jumping gently and do not miss stretches for the whole body.

hen you want to begin a slimming, it is strongly recommended to eat balanced and a way adapted to your needs but also to practice a regular sporting activity. But are all sports good for your health? And what to do when you live far away from a gym? Or that we just do not have the motivation to go to a gym? There is the solution of the trampoline though.

Fork & Bikini became the rebound pro.


At first glance, when we talk about trampoline, we immediately think of the game for children that can be installed in your garden.

But do you know that it exists in miniature version and can be installed at home. Large of just 1 meter in diameter, the trampoline proves to be an accessory for musculation discreet and terribly effective.

Be careful not to jump too high to avoid touching your ceiling or your chandelier! If you do not have room in your living room, there are large trampolines to install in your garden.


The trampoline is an excellent slimming ally for those who want to firm their thighs and their calves, perfect to lose weight and sculpt a silhouette of dream.

The stretched canvas of the trampoline offers refreshing sensations and different jumps allow you to relax while helping your body stay toned (muscles, joints, heart work).

It is an activity that boosts your cardiovascular system: your heart is muscle, you work your breathing and learn how to manage it.

In addition, repeated jumps and rebounds will make you work on your flexibility , your agility and your sense of balance. Your joints will be stronger, which can help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


The trampoline, if not used wisely, can be dangerous and the falls can be spectacular; for children, it is recommended to install protections with a system of plastic padded around the trampoline and a safety net.

People who suffer from joint or bone problems are not invited to play this sport that puts their body and skeleton to the test.


It is very easy to practice the trampoline, however, it can be dangerous and that is why we install various protections as a net (for large models) around the posts that surround the trampoline. There are also cushions that prevent the person from falling against the metal structure, again for large models.

For smaller sizes, be careful not to jump too high and clear the space around you.


The trampoline is an activity that is widely used in gyms because it requires several muscles. In the USA, it is called “rebounding” which shows the bouncing effect of the trampoline.

With the trampoline, you can improve your breathing capacity, develop the blood circulation which will oxygenate the tissues for better elimination of toxins.

If 10 minutes of trampoline is worth 30 to 40 minutes of running, in terms of calories, the trampoline can spend up to 700 to 900 calories in 1 hour.

Burn calories with the trampoline!

Invented in the 30s for circus trapeze artists, the trampoline has since evolved.
Surely a little nod to the time when we could still jump on our bed, the trampoline recalls the innocence of our childhood!

Whether in gardens or sports clubs, the trampoline is gaining more and more popularity. The mini trampoline is particularly known for being the ideal equipment for practicing dynamic sport exercises … HOME! It allows a fitness at all levels.

The desire to lose weight is often one of the main reasons that encourage adults to engage in trampoline practice.

Today we offer a small exercise plan on trampoline to burn calories quickly!

Trampoline program to lose weight:

Duration: 20 intensive minutes (equivalent to 4 minutes per exercise).
Frequency: 3 times / week
Requested material: You of course need a trampoline. You can do this program on the children’s garden trampoline or on your mini Fitness trampoline … as long as it bounces! 😀 If you use your mini trampoline indoors, make sure you have a high ceiling! Add to the trampoline a dynamic music that makes you want to work out!
Areas targeted by this program : Cardiovascular system, abs, thighs and knurls.

By respecting the frequency and the duration of this program, the goods made of the trampoline will be durable!

After just two weeks, you will quickly notice the difference on your body:
– Improvement of your coordination
– Muscle strengthening
– Better balance, a more upright posture
– Stimulation of the lympathic blood circulation. It is this effect of the trampoline that allows your body to release toxins more easily.
– Elimination of toxins and fats (associated with a balanced diet)
– Better endurance …

To give you an idea: A 20-minute workout burns about 120 calories!

If you have a garden, we recommend trampoline outdoors!
It’s so much more fun to play sports outdoors. 🙂

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