Electric Shaver vs Razor: Which is Better?

Beard is an asset for a man to have. Beard are icons of style on the other hand sometimes it becomes a hazard to someone. For shaving beard, there are different types of gadgets available in the market like a razor, single blade razors or cartridge razor. These are around us since very ancient time. But nowadays, there are many more options around us now. You can shave with an electric shaver, trimmer and much more. So what’s the best one for you to choose? Let’s find the best shaver for you with which you can have the best experience and comfort while shaving.

Difference between razor and electric shaver

RazorElectric shaver
Shaving with manual razor takes a long time to shaveElectric shavers are the easiest and quickest way to shave.
Manual razors provide clean and close shave than any other razor.Electric shaver won’t give you the closest and clean shave.
Razors are easy to travel and easy to clean and maintain.You need extra care to clean and maintain as it runs by an electric battery or electricity.

Between razor and electric shaver, which one is better and why?

Many opinions about being the best between an electric shaver and a manual razor. Here are some more. Let’s find which one is better of the two.

Quick shave
If you are going to a meeting and you just need a quick shave, it’s impossible for you to shave with the razor. You need at least 15 minutes to shave with all grooming items. Next, to that, you just need to switch on your electric shaver and have a shave within 5 minutes. It is a blessing for those who are the busy person.

Smooth shaving
To shave with a razor, you can’t do it only with it. You will need shaving cream, shaving foam, blades, gels, water and many of these. But with an electric shaver, you don’t need anything. Even you can shave without water too. All you need is to stroke the shaver in the right direction.

Easy to carry
Even in these days, you can’t travel on a plane with a razor in your bag. Moreover, you only cannot take just a razor. You will need to take all the other things to. On the other hand, you don’t have to face this awkward problem. You can take it anywhere with yourself, and you can use it in any place. All you need is to find an electric source and connect it.

Safe shaving
It is very embarrassing to have nicks and cuts on your face while shaving. It also can give you burning and irritation too. And it’s very common if you shave with a razor or safety razor or manual razor. But there is no such chance with an electric razor. You don’t have to worry about cuts and nicks with an electric shaver.

While razors can give you only wet and clean shave, an electric shaver offers you more style and versatile shaving. You can make your style and can shave accurately in your facial area, beard, mustaches, and sideburns.

One of the main advantages of using electric shaver is that you can use it over an extended period. On the contrary, you have to change your blades of razor after 4 or 5 shaves. So, it is an important point to consider deciding which one is the better of the two.

Final Verdict

You can find lots of option available in the market when it comes to choice shaving gear. But you need to choose such equipment which can utilize your money and which can help you in all aspects. To me, it’s always electric shaver that wins the battle between the razor and the electric shaver. You can avoid all the mistakes and problems made while shaving with an electric shaver. So, grab the best electric shaver and experience the better shave with your style.

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