Diesel particulate filter cleaner

Diesel particulate filter cleaner


The particulate filter, called DPF, is a diesel-specific part designed to retain the fine polluting particles contained in the exhaust gases and thus reduce engine pollution. This delicate mechanism requires a constant and essential maintenance to pass the future technical control, established in 2019. For this, the best method is still … to drive: let’s discover together how to clean a DPF while driving .


The DPF reduces the polluting emissions of gases. It works in two stages.

  • Filtration: it helps to retain the most polluting particles. In doing so, a layer of soot forms on the filter that can prevent air from passing through the mechanism. That’s why the DPF then moves to the second step
  • Regeneration: it allows the system to automatically burn this layer of soot, without any action of the driver

However, to regenerate, the DPF requires a very high temperature, between 550 and 650 degrees, with a motor running around 3,000 revolutions per minute. However, if you use your car in town or for short trips, it is very rare that you have such a high engine speed. The risk is that the DPF will become dirty, damaging the engine and the entire system.
At Feu Vert, we advise you to organize a preventive maintenance: we will explain how to clean a particle filter while driving .


Because multiplying small runs clogs the particulate filter, the most effective solution is actually to hit the road. It is indeed possible to clean a DPF (dpf delete) while driving . To perform a good scrub, you need to increase the engine speed of your car to reach at least 3,000 rpm over a few tens of kilometers, driving on the highway for example. By raising the engine speed, its temperature does the same, which then allows to burn the soot and clean the DPF
But be careful not to delay: regular maintenanceprevents engine malfunction. However, when the DPF light comes on, it is advisable to take a check at Feu Vert which may lead to a complete cleaning of the DPF.


If it is simple to remove a particle filter while driving , other methods sometimes recommended are to be avoided.

  • When the DPF light is on, avoid what is called “forced regeneration” which can speed up the breakdown and further damage the vehicle. Prefer to go to Feu Vert for a real diagnosis

You can carry out a diesel pollution diagnosis in your car center which will allow you to know the state of health of your DPF, we can then advise you a cleaning or a replacement of the complete element.

Your car is grazing? Do you notice that you have to refuel more often?

Both of these signs may indicate that your particulate filter has lost its effectiveness and may have stopped working.

Your particulate filter reduces emissions from your engine so that particles coming out of the muffler are less harmful. It is therefore important that your filter always works optimally.

When the situation becomes critical, the indicator of your particulate filter ( DPF) lights up: you must either replace the DPF or clean it.

A cleaning is cheaper and easier to perform, you can do it yourself, because you just need to pour DPF cleaner into the fuel tank (cleaner brand example: JLM).

Other methods are more complicated and must be performed by a mechanic.

The cleaning fluid particulate filter Diesel is a chemical which cleanses the engine from the inside to the outside. At the same time, it cleans your filter of existing soot particles and regenerates it.

Particle filter cleaning is important especially if you drive in urban areas for short distances. Indeed, the filter does not always reach a temperature sufficient to operate effectively. Soot layers are formed and do not disappear.

Cleaning process

The diesel particulate filter cleaner is poured directly into the fuel tank.

It is better to add the cleaner when refueling, to know precisely how much is in your tank. You will need to add a given amount per liter of diesel.

If you want the process to start immediately, if there are any symptoms, take the road on a highway or on the highway, and keep your meter at over 2,500 rpm (revolutions per minute). Thus, the cleaning process can begin and improve the performance of your engine, while extending the life of your filter.

Read the instructions before starting the process!

How does the cleaning of the DPF work?

When you add the cleaning fluid to your fuel, you lower the temperature limit where the soot particles burn. Your exhaust will not need to be so hot to burn the particles accumulated on your filter.

Passive regeneration is thus easier, including on vehicles that do not reach high speeds.

In addition, the combustion of soot particles occurs much more rapidly. A complete regeneration cycle will take considerably less time, thus reducing the likelihood of ending up with an obstructed filter.

Benefits of cleaning the DPF

  • Cleaning up your DPF saves you money over the long term by extending the life of the DPF.
  • Exhaust gas passes much faster through your particulate filter (DPF) when it is clean.
  • Your fuel consumption will be reduced: you can drive longer with one full tank and save money.
  • Cleaning the PF is cheaper than replacing it.
  • Most motorists find that if their DPF warning light comes on, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes after the diesel particulate filter cleaner is added to turn the light off.

Want to know more ?

Garage owners will often argue that only their method is the correct way to clean the filter. They disassemble it indeed to clean it. But if cleaning the DPF works on your car, you will have saved time and money.

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