Sena 10C Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you are a backpacker and intend to buy a Bluetooth integrated helmet or Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet, but not sure if you should spend more money on the journey camera? Or if you want a camera but don’t want to stop listening to your phone on the go, the Sena Bluetooth headset can help you out with the combination of a high price along with flexible customization capabilities.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Sena 10C – integrated between Bluetooth headset and travel camera
The continuous improvement of Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets
Since the successful launch of the SMH10 Bluetooth headset, Sena has continued to develop and launch other products. Until now, backpackers and bikers are probably no stranger to helmets with Bluetooth technology built-in so you can easily phone and listen to music while on the go. However, new products such as Bluetooth headset Sena 10C, the 20S, are brilliant helmets with modern Bluetooth communication systems and advanced noise control technology.

Sena 10C Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth 4.1 technology and Universal Intercom ™
Sena Bluetooth device, with the latest Bluetooth connectivity technology 4.1, keeps all connections. It allows intercom connection for up to eight people with bright and clear HD audio, connection distance up to 2.0 km.
Bluetooth 4.1 technology and Universal Intercom
Besides, the Universal Intercom ™ protocol makes it possible to use Sena headphones with all Sena Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth devices on the market.
The noise control feature is enhanced.
Users may be surprised that today’s Sena Bluetooth headphones offer clear, accurate, and comfortable HD sound quality in all conditions, even when driving at speeds up to 128 km / H. Sena’s Advanced Noise Control ™ technology ensures ambient noise does not affect the incoming and outgoing sound. Bluetooth 4.1 technology, high-quality stereo Bluetooth speakers, and dual-module architecture create a smooth, sharp, and responsive user experience.

Sena’s Advanced Noise Control ™ Technology

Choose what you want to hear with Audio Multitasking ™
Multitasking technology, Sena 20S audio lets you have a phone conversation while listening to music, FM radio, or GPS. No more users faced with the discomfort of interrupted audio functions based on past Bluetooth devices. The universal 20S intercoms device is the perfect solution. Now the audio features will not interrupt each other but overlay for a smooth listening experience. Enhance your ride quality with interweaving sound sources.
Audio Multitasking allows you to hear many things at the same time.
New user interface: motion sensors and voice commands
A new feature gives you more great experiences. The new user interface makes setting up and pairing Sena Bluetooth headsets very easy – motion sensor technology. Now, with just a simple shake, you can completely pair the Bluetooth device.
You control your devices through hands-free voice commands.
Don’t stop there. How will you control your devices while driving? Once you’re on the road, complete control of the Sena Bluetooth headset can be done via hands-free voice commands. Intuitive technology ensures safety, power as you move through music, phones, and flexible intercom features. We must admit that Sena technology makes everything simple, and that’s Sena’s advantage.
Stay connected and controlled using the Sena app.
We can link a Bluetooth headset with the Sena app for smartphones (Android or iPhone operating system). This app allows you to configure device settings, set groups of friends in contact and access Quick Guides. Besides, Sena Bluetooth headsets also provide the ability to pair with up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling.

Sena application’s interface

Features recording by Bluetooth
Try the incredible experience that the Sena Bluetooth feature brings us by pairing the 20S with a GoPro device or Bluetooth prism camera. That means you have just created a wireless multi-track recording setup for HD videos, including mic from headphones and friends’ audio contact with incredibly vivid sound quality. Enjoy your life!

Sena’s Bluetooth feature

The perfect combination with the journey camera
Although the Bluetooth built-in helmet or the integrated helmet with the dashcam has been around for a long time, the Sena 10C is the first device that combines the two to mark the evolution of the journey technology indeed. The Sena 10C significantly reduces the costs of buying both devices separately, confirming Sena’s reputation far exceeds that of its competitors in the industry.

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